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School and Nursery Visits 

The Fantastic Small Friendly Fire Engine

A fantastic children's educational and fun ride

Diddy Dennis can attend your Nursery or School.


Offering a truly fantastic experience for children  giving them a interactive  fire safety talk and the thrill of a ride in Diddy Dennis.  

visits can be tailored to include "The Hero Next Door" theme.


Adding our  Young Fire Fighters Assault Course for the children to "train" on brings  a fantastic element of fun and excitement  to the visit 





 The children are taken through

the challenging course earning themselves a ride on Diddy Dennis as they go


Please contact us and we will be only to happy to help you plan the visit




School Visits



Having Diddy Dennis visit your school offers a unique,educational
and fun day for the children.


He comes  friendly staff who give your nursery, KS1 and KS2 children

 a fun and educational experience. and Fireman Sam might also malke a apperacnce 

Diddy Dennis is a child friendly fire engine who can carry up to 8 children in his seatbelt restrained back locker. He comes with friendly staff who look after him.

He has lights, sirens and sometimes water. He is a fantastic with children (and parents)
who love to have a ride in him and experience the thrill of a simulated fire call!


So please call or text us for more information

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